4th Afghan Women Symposium Resolution


“Afghan Women, Messengers of Peace”

4th Symposium on Afghan Women Kabul, May 15 –17, 2017


The 4th Symposium on Afghan Women took place in Kabul under the title of “Afghan Women, Messengers of Peace” from May 15 – 17, 2017.

In this symposium, several aspects of women’s role  in  building  social  peace  were  addressed.  At  the  end  of  the  three  days  of   discussions   and interactions,  the participants agreed on the following overarching objectives:

  1. To establish and promote social peace within families and the role of women in this regard
  2. To promote a sense of responsibility among Afghan citizens in the social peace process
  3. To strengthen coordination between governmental and non- governmental organizations promoting social peace
  4. To foster relations between women at the regional level in order to  promote the culture of peace and coexistence, and bring about regional stability


In the light of the above objectives, participants agreed on the following resolutions:

  1. Raising awareness among people about Islamic teachings promoting social peace;
  2. Raising public awareness about women’s role in building peace;
  3. Strengthening coordination between the Ministries of Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Women’s Affairs, Education, and Higher Education  for

the establishment of Mental Health Care and Family Counseling Centers for victims of war and violence, especially women and children;

  1. Strengthening and monitoring the implementation of existing laws protecting women, by the relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions;
  1. Appointing active and qualified women in positions of decision-making at the village and provincial levels;
  1. Implementing the Women Economic Empowerment Plan (WEEP) throughout the country, with special attention to insecure areas and the role of women in building social peace;
  1. Involving women throughout the country in the peace process through various programs, including the National Citizen Charter;
  1. Providing sustained support to families of war victims especially to women and children;
  1. Addressing the needs of repatriates and internally displaced people (IDPs) by strengthening coordination between the relevant ministries;
  1. Carrying out case studies of insecure areas and involving women in them;
  2. Drafting and implementing regional strategies for building peace in the region such as organizing educational and exchange programs among youth and development programs and cooperation among women of the region;
  3. Seeking the support of international organizations for all resolutions passed on women’s participation in the peace process at the regional level;
  1. Strengthening Provincial Directorates of Women's Affairs in order to address the problems in villages and districts;
  2. Strengthening the monitoring system of MOWA in all 34 provinces of the country;
  3. Developing a database for women from across the country;
  4. Implementing and reporting of Afghanistan’s NAP on UNSC Resolution 1325 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with relevant governmental and non-governmental institutions;
  5. Reviewing the national curriculum of the Ministry of Education and including peace education in it;
  6. Monitoring madrassas, schools, and higher education institutes in order to prevent the spread and promotion of extremism;
  7. Enjoining the High Peace Council to focus on women's role in building social peace in addition to their activities in the political peace process;
  8. Sharing with the public the data information of the High Peace Council for the sake of transparency;
  9. Maintaining and promoting the culture of peace, with special attention to women’s role and their achievements in building social peace, through media outlets and other governmental and non-governmental institutions; and
  10. Increasing educational and peace-centered programs in governmental and non-governmental media.


 Resolution pdf (Dari)                              Resolution pdf (English)                             Resolution pdf (Pashto)